December 22, 2008

Fabrica conceives a global campaign on child injury prevention for UNWHO and UNICEF

The project is presented on December 10th, in Vietnam-Hanoi, day of the launch of the World Report on Child Injury Prevention.

Fabrica continues its series of social communication campaigns with a global advocacy and awareness raising campaign on child injury prevention, on behalf of UNWHO and UNICEF. Fabrica’s Visual Communication department, directed by Omar Vulpinari, has conceived five separate posters and an all-in-one collective poster, that will also become off and on-line ads and displays. Designed to communicate the graveness of the child injury situation worldwide, the goal of the campaign is to urge policy makers to implement prevention measures for the first five injury causes: road traffic injuries, drowning, burns, falls and poisoning.
In order to use a universal visual language related to children, Fabrica’s Austrian graphic designer Valerie Gudenus, created putty characters engaged in the five dangerous situations. While concise informational texts convey the startling facts. The result is visually impacting, memorable and convincing.

wow... It's so amazing and impressive works!!

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